Kappa Eta Kappa:Beta Chapter

Current Active Members


Name: Meghan Kress
Beta Number: 881
Year: Senior
Major: Architecture
Chair(s): President
Bio: I'm from Evergreen Park, IL. While I could spend the entirety of my bio discussing the various aspects of my life that brought me to where I am today, I would rather talk about my bunny footy pajamas. I obtained these priceless artifacts in the recession of 2008, and they have been by my side at all times since. The stiching method used originated from Egyptian seamstresses around 400 CE, and to this day I have had very little issue. Overall, 8/10 would recommend.

Vice President

Name: Mehraud Razzaghi
Beta Number: 891
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Vice President, Social, Initiation
Bio: Raised in Colorado, I moved out to Minnesota without knowing a single person here. Soon enough, I found myself to be part of KHK. I enjoy playing soccer, and I know how to knit. Hopefully I will graduate in 2020 as a chemical engineer, as long as I'm not too busy taking naps or practicing foosball.


Name: Tanis Kneevers
Beta Number: 888
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Chair(s): Secretary, Outreach
Bio: The one and only.

Name: Elizabeth Vo
Beta Number: 885
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge Chair, CPU Chair, Historian
Bio: I graduated from the town of Hutchinson, Minnesota in 2015. I then decided to go to the University of Minnesota. I say to go where life takes you. I enjoy music, especially playing guitar and flipping cymbals, reading, being outside and trees.

Name: Niki Spence
Beta Number: 886
Year: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering
Chair(s): Initiation, Adviser to Social
Bio: I grew up in Sussex, WI and started in Fall of 2015 at the U. I am a junior in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in structures. In my free time, I am also heavily involved with Engineers Without Borders. After I graduate, I'm not completely sure what I want to do. I will most likely work for a year or two before going back to school to either get my masters or, hopefully, my MD. I'm open to where ever life takes me.

Name: Jack Zofkie
Beta Number: 887
Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Chair(s): House Manager, Initiation
Bio: Use my old one, I don't care

Name: Veronica Falk
Beta Number: 889
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge and Propaganda
Bio: I grew up in a suburb called Woodbury, MN which is just east of St. Paul. In my free time I enjoy hot yoga classes, visiting my wiener dogs at home, eating large amounts of ice cream, and watching Minnesota sports. When I graduate I’d like to work in the biomedical industry.

Name: Edward Hoey
Beta Number: 892
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Chair(s): Rush
Bio: I'm from Eagan, MN. I joined KHK in the fall of my first semester here at the U. Currently in school in hopes of being in school for another 4 years to pursue a doctoral degree in pharmacy. In my free time I enjoy music, thrift shopping, and enjoying the nature.

Name: Tyler Leuwer
Beta Number: 893
Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge Chair
Bio: Ah Suuuuh duuuu, it's LRRR

Name: Samuel
Beta Number: 894
Year: Sophomore
Major: Black Magic
Chair(s): Sergent in Arms, CSE Ambassador, Outreach
Bio: your Bio

Name: Nathan DeLisle
Beta Number: 895
Year: Sophomore
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Chair(s): Social, Athlecitcs
Bio: I am from Appleton, Wisconsin and came to the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2016. I am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and plan on minoring in Math. Starting in May 2018, I will be completing a two-semester co-op with Kimberly Clark where I will be assisting with various research projects. I love all things Wisconsin (Bucks, Packers, Brewers), except for the Badgers.

Name: Samuel Swanson
Beta Number: 897
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Engineering
Chair(s): Library
Bio: I grew up in New Brighton, Minnesota and after graduating from Cretin-Derham Hall; I followed in the tradition set by aunts and uncles on both sides of my family to attend the University of Minnesota for Engineering. In my free time I enjoy alpine skiing, whitewater kayaking, reading, and messing with computers.

Name: Benjamin DeStefanis
Beta Number: 898
Year: Freshman
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Social, Rush, Athletics
Bio: I am from Menomonee Falls, WI and graduated from Marquette University High School before coming to the University of Minnesota. I like to play golf and watch the Packers, Brewers and Bucks in my free time.

Name: Devon Tuma
Beta Number: 899
Year: Sophomore
Major: Math/Csci
Chair(s): Webmaster
Bio: I grew up in southern MN, and graduated from Tri-City United high in 2016. I came to the U and started out studying math, but started to switch focus to computer science when I realized I'd eventually need to find a job

Name: Melanie Sumiec
Beta Number: 900
Year: Junior
Major: Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge and Propaganda
Bio: I grew up in Sussex, WI a small town outside of Milwaukee. I am a Junior in Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering and I hope to work with green chemistry after I graduate. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, cooking, and running.